The value of making sense of structures.

Untangle knowledge with Discovery Maps.

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Maps for knowledge landscapes

In a nutshell.


We create platforms to make sense of complex systems.

They let you orient yourfelf and navigate knowledge networks like they were geographic maps: find the learning paths between concepts, even when they are completely new to you, and explore connections for a deeper understanding of their context.

Who benefits

We help people in strategic knowledge discovery to facilitate comprenhension and divulgation of new subjects.

This public demo let you use maps as a factual reference to access documents, media and news associated to entities and connections, saving time to overview dozens of concepts and insights in one shot. Maps can also be shared for presentations as well as for public engagement.

Get in contact with us to apply our UX, knowledge graphs and inference models to leverage your own data. Business intelligence; prioritizing research; divulging factual insights; knowledge and innovation strategy; education and e-learning; investigative journalism are a few examples of what we support.


We aim to accelerate innovation by facilitating entry to multi-discipliary areas and to increase transparency about the context of a domain.


We organise and compute connections in between of entities into knowledge graphs, making use of network science and artificial intelligence. We apply human-centric design to embrace multi-disciplinary domains.

Making knowledge discovery effortless.

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Focus on people.

If you are looking for human-centred product addressing people also without a technical background, we cover you. If you are focusing on prototyping and MVPs, we cover you. Might your team be small or your organisation not have a dedicated data-science department, we cover you and coach to extract the most from intelligent technologies.

Contextual Research Platforms are modular. The data-visualisation component is independent from the data-model: we can flexibly adapt both to your needs.
We offer includes one free consultancy on human centred design to learn about your business context and the persons working on your specific use-case.

Our knowledge discovery approach proved helpful to prioritise research and business intelligence, but also an effective way to teach and divulge expertise, such as in education; content discovery; food supply chains; communication strategy; education; life-science and genomics: we love applied research and are looking forward to listen to your case.

This web site lets you try a free version of Contextual Research Platforms applied to general knowledge.
Create, edit and share custom knowledge maps.
Have access to news and related books on a whole subject, instantly.


Check out our attractive packages to apply and adapt Contextual Research Platforms to your organisation, empower your team and engage your audience:

1 hr free consultancy + License

Complement Search with Discovery. Reach out to novel areas, starting from your own background.

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Social Impact.

Imagine the societal investment for enabling access to ideate, envision and embrace multidisciplinarity between science, technology and humanities - at scale. support discovery activities for self-empowerment, education, research and open innovation.

Maps of knowledge landscapes help individuals, organizations and learners to find what they cannot name yet, reaching out to the its sorrounding context and overview which topics are key to understand it.

We are glad to support learning and discovery activities for social impact, to encourage citizen science, rewarding diversity of cultural backgrounds backed by science and factual knowledge to encourage recognition of the other. Check out our initiatiaves or feel free to propose a new one.



The discovery platforms are made by modular components you can choose to apply to your business, research, journalism and e-learning areas:

done knowledge landscaping and inference models, to quantitatively organise knowledge networks, analyse how they evolve, deploy smart knowledge graphs architectures.

done user experience , to navigate and make sense of complex systems - with ease. You can also empower your own data-model and existing infrastructure

Knowledge networks and AI organise and analyse how structures evolve.

Maps allow to navigate, overview and summarise context for awareness, strategy and decision making.

The experience is suited for both novice and domain experts, and support any degree of technical expertise in information retrival systems.

Transparency for the general public.

The vision of Maps for knowledge landscapes is to help people make the right questions when they come to study and learn about new things, and to encourage evaluation of newly produced information, by making its context known and accessible.

In terms of system thinking, Maps for knowledge landscapes are designed by considering the capability to connect multi-disciplinary aras a form of in-kind Capital. Facilitating comprehension of the context of a thing, of a company, of a personality, of an industrial and academic domain, it means enabling access to Capital to process novel ideas.

Uncovering the context of a subject facilitates to take decisions; makes it easier to reach out diverse expertise for validation, cooperation, fact-based discussions; encourages self-empowerment, awareness and accountability for a society evolving as fast as never before; foster an holistic vision to reduce, as much as possible, the unespected consequences of exponential technologies and disruptive businesses.

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