Challenge Humanity!

A gamified knowledge graph

Help out evolution of humanity: find any path connecting two topics, as fast and clear as you can.

Trust your own way of thinking: make sense of new information and turn it to knowledge, whatever your background is.

Try different level of difficulties: from easy-peasy (two topics are very close to each other), to kick-ass-jedi: two topics are far away, yet you manage to reason a learning path out and pull them together.

How to play

Your goal is to reach your final destination as fast and clear as you can.

You loose when the graph become too messy (clarity is 0%): remove concepts that are not useful. You can always undo and add them back.

Guess which direction to take: navigate the context of concepts, discover the learning path that connect the starting concept with your goal (*).

(*) Tips

You can also read the article and click on an hyperlink, to add the corresponding concept on the graph.

Help yourself: quickly overview excerpts or read through articles, unleash your fantasy to walk through the secrets of Mankind's Knowledge..

When you're done, engage your friends in a #ChainLetterKnowledge : connects world knowledge beyond cultural roots and beliefs: your own expertise is vested on artificial intelligence, to wise technology up with sustainability and inclusion.