Knowledge Discovery engine

Beta version

Yaii! On July 11th 2016 I released the beta version of the discovery engine. Now you can look up for connections between multiple topics!!!
Below, I leave the text and tests I wrote for the alpha version released on Spring 2016.

Alpha version

thank you for reaching here.

Web pages are like leaves, knowledge structures like trees. There are many many web pages on a same brench.
This work is about brenches.
What can I do to overview a whole structure, when I don't know nothing or too little about it?

This knowledge graph is a test computed over creative commons data.
Each entity is decorated with English Wikipedia content.
It can be extended to any language.
It can be applied to other databases.
Below a list of type of queries you can do over it.

Accelerate learning

How to get the big-picture of what a subject is, before diving into details?

I thought, knowledge structures must be uncovered. Like a geographical map, have an eagle-eye to know where I am, where I can go, what I will find on the way to reach what I want. There are many ways.
I have not found something like that. I was inspired by previous attempt in my first startup.
I wanted to move things forward and decided to built it myself.

I used creative commons data as a (free)base data; then I applied a visual discovery approach to find what things are about and traverse the whole graph; then I come up with algorithms that could exploit topology and look for pathways between things

Why & Where to go

I hope this work can inspire a mutual comprehension between us, for our worlds are interconnected. I hope it can inspire a story telling to communicate, experience our identity beyond cultures, religions, educational background, personal inclinations or social Status.
That is why I built also an alpha version to gamify human knowledge. Roughly neardy, however, hope you like it.

How do we creatively re-wire what we know and come up with new sensibility, new observations, definitions of new problems, production of new ideas, applications, aggregations, abstractions ?
My idea is structure of knowledge carries a foot-print of structure of memory. Structure of memory gives shape to identity, human relationships and is kinda of feedback mechanism in self-organization of societal networks. When does the assembling of new ideas from our experience, can go beyond the need to fit in the Historical time, and become a black-swan?
In this sense, I see this work as a little attempt in the quest to understand how we collectively reason in linking up things and creatively engender new ones. How we evolve, in a sense.
D'you wanna join the journey?

Enough Talking!

Here below, a few examples for suggestions between topics. Knwoledge Discovery - Speed up research between topics.

When you're done, engage your friends in a #ChainLetterKnowledge : connect the world beyond roots, beliefs and breakthroughs.